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If your business is looking to expand, move locations or perhaps downgrade to a smaller space, look to Royal Commercial real estate brokerage services. We have the experience and customer service standards businesses seek out for assistance in finding the right commercial real estate for the right terms at the right time.
Why Others Choose Royal Commercial Corp For Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Assistance
Royal Commercial provides a holistic approach to helping organizations make the most of their time, money and opportunities in real estate around the world. We understand the amount of time and expense involved with seeking out commercial real estate to meet your business needs. With our experience you can continue to focus on running your business while we will take care of all of the details.
What Do I Look For When I Need Space?
The best thing to do when you need space is to determine how much you need. Once this is assessed, you want to evaluate how much space you will need to expand once your business becomes successful and can hold more people.
How Do I Asses How Much Space I’ll Need?
There are obvious things you’ll need to take into account, like how many offices you will need. Leaving yourself room for more employees, is also essential when assessing the amount of space that you’ll need. Looking outward, assess what furniture you will want in the waiting area for your customers.
Royal Commercial Offers Complete Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services
Royal Commercial Corp is a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm and also offers budget development and analysis as well as demographic studies to strategic real estate planning for every phase of your organization’s growth.
Royal Commercial provides:
  • Office and administrative, retail, industrial and warehouse spaces
  • Long-term, short-term renewals and sublease options
  • Sales, purchase and lease-purchase options
  • Local, national and international representation
  • Project Management Services; Relocation Management Services
  • Portfolio Management
Royal Commercial, unlike other commercial real estate brokerages, stays involved throughout the process until you organization is fully operational in its new location . We provide assistance in each part of the process, from leasing, acquisition or sales negotiations to planning and budgeting, construction project management, facilities maintenance design and ongoing operations.
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