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Royal Commercial Corp provides commercial property owners and investors with strategic expertise in lease negotiations and renewals. As professional and experienced Commercial Real Estate Brokers, we are focused on representing the needs of our clients first and foremost. We work hard to maximize asset awareness, maintain the highest possible occupancy rates, find the best tenants possible and achieve optimal rental rates for commercial real estate property owners. At Royal Commercial our goals are to maintain long term business relationships that result in long term partnerships with our highly valued clients.



As Commercial Real Estate Brokers, we serve our clients in a different representational capacities which includes representing the tenant as a tenant rep. In order to position yourself in the best possible way during lease negotiations, it is best to have a professional tenant rep beside you every step of the wat to negotiate on your behalf and represent your interests in the transaction. Whether our firm is negotiation a new lease, renewal, or sublease, we always prioritize advocating for you.


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