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Royal Commercial provides commercial property owners and investors with strategic expertise in lease negotiations and renewals. As professional and experienced Commercial Real Estate Brokers we are laser focused on representing the needs of our clients first and foremost. Here at Royal Commercial we work hard to maximize asset awareness, maintain the highest possible occupancy rates, find the best tenants possible and achieve optimal rental rates for commercial real estate property owners.


Royal Commercial excels at marketing and campaigning the properties; our proven track record is representative of this. As dedicated Property Owner representatives we will never put up a sign on your property and wait for prospects to call. We will work tirelessly to lease your property to the best tenant. Here at Royal Commercial we take a hands-on, boutique style approach to Commercial Real Estate sales and leasing. Our firm works with high quality property owners and investors to achieve common business goals.


At Royal Commercial our goals are to maintain long term business relationships that result in long term partnerships with our highly valued clients.


If you have Commercial Real Estate questions or need assistance in this area, please fill out the form below and we will respond within 24 hours.


Tenant Representation and what it means for you.


As a tenant seeking to lease commercial space it is important to always use professional Tenant Representation. As Commercial Real Estate brokers we serve our clients in different representational capacities which includes representing the tenant (you) as a Tenant Rep. As a tenant it is important to know when a Commercial Real Estate Broker is representing a landlord’s interest versus your own. In order to position yourself in the best possible way during lease negotiations, it is best to have a professional Tenant Rep beside you every step of the way. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about Tenant Representation and why it is important:


  1. What will having a Tenant Rep cost me?

    1. The owners of the commercial real estate pay the commissions on both sides of a lease transaction. It is built into the cost of the commercial space being leased. In short, the tenant is paying for a Tenant Rep regardless if they use one or not and may as well benefit from the service and hire a professional tenant rep to negotiate on their behalf and represent their interests in the transaction. We will always notify our clients up front if the situation is different.


  1. Where do Tenant Rep’s search for properties and can I do the same?

    1. Commercial Real Estate Brokers have access to many advertising and marketing platforms that we pay for out of our marketing budget. These paid memberships provides access to properties that ‘free and public’ access will not give the average person. These platforms coupled with our vast network of other Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Brokerages gives us an advantage when finding your perfect property. We also know about impending availabilities before anyone else for certain areas or properties and have knowledge about properties ‘off-market’.


  1. Why is it important to have Tenant Representation?

    1. As Commercial Real Estate Brokers we are bound by state and federal real estate laws and Brokers are statutorily obligated to put our clients interests first and foremost, always. We would never advocate getting into a legally binding contractual agreement without proper representation. Unfortunately, we have seen the end results of this and it is not something we would want to see happen to any tenant. Our job is to listen to your needs, represent you to the best of our ability and find you the best space at the best possible price and terms.


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