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If you are looking for a commercial real estate agent with a solid reputation, experience, and someone who offers a personal approach to real estate, not just a list of potential commercial real estate listings and building locations, look to Royal Commercial for complete commercial real estate brokerage assistance.
At Royal Commercial, we provide an integrated approach to the corporate real estate industry. We take pride in each part of the brokerage process including:
  • Leasing for your office, retail or industrial properties
  • Acquisition or sales negotiations
  • Budget planning
  • Construction project management
  • Small and large details after the deal is closed
Why Settle For Anything Less Than the Best?
From planning and budgeting to facilities maintenance and ongoing operations, at Royal Commercial, we don’t leave anything to chance. Once we have entered an agreement with you, we make sure that each detail, whether big or small from site selection, rent rates, Landlord concessions, parking your ongoing operating expenses to the paint and carpeting improvements as well as office relocation assistance are organized with your business operations needs in mind.
Commercial Real Estate Agents with Experience
With more than 20 years of commercial real estate experience, your company can trust Royal Commercial real estate agents to listen to your needs and meet your objectives, we provide complete commercial real estate portfolio services, help you reduce costs, streamline management decisions and negotiate the best commercial real estate contract with your business’s future in mind. You will feel relaxed and secure knowing that a Royal Commercial real estate agents and brokers are working for you.
What Do I Look For When I Need Space?
The best thing to do when you need space is to determine how much you need. Once this is assessed, you want to evaluate how much space you will need to expand once your business becomes successful and can hold more people.
How Do I Asses How Much Space I’ll Need?
There are obvious things you’ll need to take into account, like how many offices you will need. Leaving yourself room for more employees, is also essential when assessing the amount of space that you’ll need. Looking outward, assess what furniture you will want in the waiting area for your customers.
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