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Whether your business is out growing its current space, downsizing for efficiency or renewing its existing lease , look to Royal Commercial to help you get the office leasing details in order. With Royal Commercial, you can put our experience to work for you in obtaining the best rates, terms and concessions from your Landlord through creating a competitive environment that will fully engage the building owner to retain you as a valued tenant.
Put Our Office Leasing experience to Work
When you call Royal Commercial for office leasing assistance, you will be getting more than a listing of real estate options to choose from. We bring more than 20 years of real estate brokerage assistance to your aid and provide you with a range of full-service options.
We are dedicated to helping your organization find an environment, and structure the terms that help it succeed and prosper long after the lease is signed. Besides office leasing assistance, we support your company in each part of the process; from leasing, acquisition or sales negotiations to planning and budgeting, construction project management, facilities maintenance design and ongoing operations. At Royal Commercial, we facilitate office space that fits your company’s goals for the future, your budget and culture.
What is Office Leasing?
A lease is what you sign when you decide to rent space. Office leasing pertains to offices and corporate space for your business.
What Do I Look For When I Need Space?
The best thing to do when you need space is to determine how much you need. Once this is assessed, you want to evaluate how much space you will need to expand once your business becomes successful and can hold more people.
Other Services we Offer at Royal Commercial:
  • Portfolio management that makes a bottom-line and qualitative difference for the life of your holdings through leasing and/or purchase and sale.
  • Helpful staff to assist you in designing, executing and maintaining your real estate strategies.
  • National and international expertise.
  • From property selection and lease negotiations to build-out and ongoing operations, our breadth of experience covers all aspects of your real estate needs.
Royal Commercial, unlike other commercial real estate brokerages, stays involved throughout the process until you organization is fully operational in its new location.
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