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Whether leasing or purchasing office space, it pays to have a knowledgeable and experienced real estate brokerlooking out for your company’s best interests. At Royal Commercial, we bring more than 20 years of office space brokerage experience and expertise to ensure that the next office space you move into will be more than just a “transaction.” We provide a real estate strategy and structure to meet your future needs today for your business needs for tomorrow.
Royal Commercial Understands Today’s Office Space Concerns
No matter if your company is moving to a large or small office space, when you work with Royal Commercial, your company will receive more than just a listing of office space real estate options. We offer comprehensive brokerage from the office space to paint, carpet and cubicle assistance.
Office Space Options Without the Headache
Royal Commercial helps take the headache out of finding the right office space. We offer office space assistance from the beginning of the agreement to long after the lease is signed.
  • Royal Commercial helps to find office space that fits your company’s budget, culture and goals for the future.
  • We are dedicated to helping your organization find an environment that helps it thrive, long after the lease is signed.
What Do I Look For When I Need Space?
The best thing to do when you need space is to determine how much you need. Once this is assessed, you want to evaluate how much space you will need to expand once your business becomes successful and can hold more people.
How Do I Assess How Much Space I’ll Need?
There are obvious things you’ll need to take into account, like how many offices you will need. Leaving yourself room for more employees, is also essential when assessing the amount of space that you’ll need. Looking outward, assess what furniture you will want in the waiting area for your customers.
How Do I Fill Extra Space?
While having extra space is good for the future when you acquire more clients/workers, the space needs to be taken up so not to seem like it’s wasted. Artwork and other various forms of filler space can be used to fill these holes in your office and make it seem like none is wasted.
Royal Commercial provides a full complement of commercial brokerage Services:
  • Demographic Studies
  • Budget Analysis
  • Organization’s Culture
  • Evolving and Future Needs
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