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Our Mission

Complete Brokerage

Royal Commercial provides a full complement of commercial brokerage services with a strategic point of view. Our extensive, hands-on preparation includes demographic studies, budget analysis and in-depth location analysis as our firm finds the real estate that is aligned with your organization’s culture, vision and evolving needs. Our strategic focus and relationship building approach is dedicated to helping your organization thrive in an environment that supports your success. Here at Royal Commercial we invest in your success.

  • Local, national and international representation

  • Strategic real estate planning for every phase of your organization’s growth

  • Office, retail, industrial and warehouse spaces

  • Long-term, short-term and sublease

  • Leasehold as well as purchase and sales

Integrated Approach

In most of the real estate world, the critical activities of leasing, construction and ongoing operations tend to happen in silos. This is a fragmented approach that loses time and money. Royal Commercial takes an integrated view of these real estate needs, in which leasing and tenant improvements are aligned to work in concert with your ongoing business operations.

We understand the issues our clients face in leasing office, retail, warehouse and industrial space. And we leverage every opportunity to deliver advantages that transform those issues into solutions.


The Value RCC Offers You: Solution Oriented!

Develop a real estate strategy that meets your long-term objectives.

  • THE ISSUE: Ensuring that the lease you sign today will meet your organization’s needs tomorrow.

  • OUR SOLUTION: A real estate strategy and structure with the flexibility to meet your future needs, even as they evolve. We help you look ahead to structure terms and costs that fit the length of your lease.


Optimize your real estate portfolio across the country, and the world.

  • THE ISSUE: The complexities, costs and challenges of managing real estate tend to compound with every lease location.

  • OUR SOLUTION: Our integrated approach brings uniformity, predictability and accountability to your real estate portfolio, which can help reduce costs and streamline management.


Keep the future in mind.

  • THE ISSUE: Commercial real estate market fluctuations and availability can make a significant difference in lease rates.

  • OUR SOLUTION: Based on your needs and market conditions, we can time your lease to help capture the most advantageous renewal cycle.

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